A busy week in the garden but have got caught up at last!

Monday before work I sowed half a big pot (25 litre) with some old spring onion seed I had left from a few years back. After work I popped into Tesco and got another packet and sowed the other half when I got home. I also planted the other row of main crop potatoes so they are all in at last.

Tuesday after work I dug some more of the patch and also decided to dig up some of the strawberry plants which had been planted out last autumn from the pots they had been in. I potted them up again to make room for the runner beans.

Wednesday I dug the rest of the patch and potted up the rest of the strawberry plants.

Thursday I planted the shallots and a few of the onion sets. It is the first time I have tried growing shallots the variety chosen was Topper from D.T. Brown. The onion sets were Sturon also from D.T. Brown.

Friday I planted the rest of the onion sets that I had room for but have about 15 left over. My mate Chris brought me a water butt that he had been told to remove when doing a gardening job.

The weekend was taken up with visiting friends for a meal a couple of whom I had not seen for 30 odd years. On Sunday 4 of the broad beans were poking through the soil at last but no other signs of germination from the carrots or spring onions and the tomatoes also have not made an appearance yet.

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