A busy week in the veggie patch. Continued

Saturday morning I awake to see we have had a little rain and it is still very cloudy. Therefore I headed for the shed and sanded off the cold frame and put a first coat of white undercoat on it. I did that in two sessions morning and afternoon so I could cover it all without any place having to be stood on anything while wet.bored_laddie

Laddie decided to go AWOL as he was getting board with watching me paint but I soon caught up with him. Otherwise besides the painting I did continue digging the extra ground and got the bottom piece finished.




new_potatoes  Sunday ended up a busy day! First I moved some soil from where one day the greenhouse might stand to the area I had removed the weeds from the day yesterday. Then I re-dug it all over and levelled it out. Next I planted 17 seed potatoes. I took out a hole for each with a bulb planting tool and placed the potato tuber in the hole and then filled around it with John Innes compost as this new piece of ground is very heavy clay based still. The variety was the same as I planted in the old crate a couple of weeks back and is International Kidney which is like the Jersey Royal.

Next I dug over the ground roughly to remove the weeds near the shed where the greenhouse is meant to go. After levelling it off I laid some terram that was lying around the site as a weed barrier and covered it with stones.


Then I moved the giant cloche and set it up again on the stone covered area.

Then after mixing some all purpose compost with some of our local council’s soil conditioner I potted on into their final big pots the four courgette plants. next I potted on into 5” pots four of each of the three varieties of tomatoes I had sown. The final thing of note for the day was I sowed 14 runner bean seeds in individual pots ( recycled raisin containers) hoping to end up with just twelve plants this year.

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