A busy week in the veggie patch.

Tuesday I see a solitary Aubergine appearing. The weather has been dry so I watered the potatoes, rhubarb and fruit bushes. I also sowed some more of the monogerm beetroot in the spaces between those that did germinate first time around.

Thursday there is signs that a single pepper may of germinated as well as some of the Boltardy beetroot.. In the evening I finished assembling the cold frame and it is now just about ready to paint.

Friday and I have a day’s holiday booked to try and get some of the big things done on the veggie patch. However, as is usual with me, instead of starting on the planned work I decided to cut the hedge first. I often wonder if there is any advantage having a power hedge trimmer. Yes you cut quickly and without effort but clearing the trimmings up seems to take longer than if you are cutting with shears!

Anyway next I move onto the job which was the main reason for taking the day’s holiday and that is to move the wire netting fence to take in the the extra space created by the new kerb edging.  By installing posts either end of the shed I then cut the netting and moved it around the length of the shed giving me enough to follow the kerbs without having to join any to it. I also installed a new gate post as one had rotted away. (One of these days I will actually make a gate instead of the piece of ply held in place by a chair that I use at present! )

Moving the wire netting took a lot longer than anticipated probably because the weather was so warm but job done in the end and early evening I started digging out the weeds and nettles from the extra space now protected from the rabbits.

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