Autumn is coming !!

I have not posted much over the last weeks as it has been mainly more of the same which is watering, weeding and picking produce. However below I will give a quick rundown on things worth mentioning to keep the overall year in the veggie patch complete.

Wednesday the 17th August: It is forecast to be a very hot day so lifted the onions before going to work and left them to dry in the sun for the day. They had dried quite well by the time I packed them away in the evening.

Saturday the 22nd August: A nice dry day so I decided to lift the potatoes that I had planted late and had cut the tops off about two weeks ago.potato_crop I was not expecting much from these as they were late going in and were planted in the rough ground where I had extended the veggie patch earlier this year. Other than watering and removal of some weeds they had not received any attention  and had not been earthed up. However they yielded about 7 kilos of good sized tubers. There was a little scab and slug damage but the bulk were fine. I picked out some for storage and dried them off over a couple of days when the weather was good before storing them in a brown paper carrier bag.

Monday the 24th August: I pulled a load of rhubarb and made some rhubarb jam. Another first for me. Did not have enough jars so ended up with a pudding basin full as well. ( I eventually made a crumble with the bulk of it as I would never have eaten it before it went off I am sure! )


I also strung some of the onions up to store. The crop was rather mixed this year some making a decent size and others not too good at all. Still at least they were disease free.

I have this horrible feeling I have a few sets that were left over somewhere but can not lay my hands on them at the moment.


Now I shall give a brief summary of the rest of the three weeks to bring you up to date.  I picked another cabbage several lots of runner and dwarf french beans. I have had a couple of lettuces along with spring onions and beetroot.

The bejbino tomatoes on the trusses I cut off ripened well indoors and only a couple had any signs of disease so the crop was overall a lot better than expected when the bight hit.

The courgettes which stopped producing when I potted them on have suddenly started producing again which has worked out quite well as I would of been giving them all away with the beans to be used.

The three water butts are nearly empty and the one that was leaking around the tap I took it out and sealed it up with some silicone. We then had a decent night’s rain and it filled one butt up again.

Yesterday I picked all the remaining dwarf french beans ( about 90 of them) and froze some for Christmas dinner and made a vegetable stew with the remainder along with onions, courgettes, tomatoes and carrots from the patch.


The above picture shows the veggie patch on the 22nd of August. Front left are the cabbages behind them the rhubarb and on the right lettuce and a courgette and the runner beans, The empty tomato pots behind.

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