BBC NEWS | Education | Universities ‘fail on standards’

You can tell the summer is here at last. The annual rubbishing of the exam results take to the headlines in the news yet again!

Each year the news finds ways of criticising the standards of the education of  the youth of today whether it be GCSE, A levels or University degrees.

These students have worked hard to obtain the grades they receive. One can not compare education of today directly with that of the past either as the world is changing all the time.

I have been following a few of the students that originally appeared on our TV screens back in 2003 in the series That’ll Teach ‘Em.  The series took some students that had just finished their GCSE exams and put them in a replica 1950’s school to take “O” level exams of the 50’s. The results were quite startling for those of us the actually took the “O” Levels. It really highlighted how things have changed over the years.

To get back to the issue I have watched how those students have progressed through the years following the series. Those that dropped out along the way and pursued other ways forward from the university route. Others who did not quite get the “A” levels results they required and had to take a year out to get into University. 

The amount of work they put in to get their degree. The endless hours of library research, the numerous essays, deadlines to be met and the need to get those elusive extra marks to get the first or 2:1 they wanted. The holidays spent working and then studying in evenings as well. I am not saying they did not also party and take part in the usual university activities and socialisation but work dam hard they did.

I had the privilege of reading the dissertation of one of the students and I found that the standard was exceptionally high. He was rewarded with a 2:1 which at the start of the final year was a borderline possibility.

Therefore do not take the headline grabbing falling standards as a true reflection on all Universities!

BBC NEWS | Education | Universities ‘fail on standards’

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