Bejbino Tomatoes are beginning to ripen at last.

Last week I showed a picture of the Bejbino tomatoes beginning to change colour. On Monday after a day of sunshine I was able to pick the first two. They did not make it from the veggie patch though I could not withstand the temptation to try them. I found them a very sweet tasting tomato with hardly any sharpness at all. I will definitely be growing this variety again!


Tuesday I had another two and also found a couple of the Sweet Milton cherry tomatoes ripe. They were not so sweet as the Bejbino though.

Wednesday I picked a good helping of peas and pulled a couple of onions and made a vegetable stew along with a courgette. The courgettes seem to have come to a halt now which is handy with all the other vegetables ready to be harvested.

Friday I pulled some beetroot and cooked them and did a little weeding and on Saturday I picked the last of the peas and removed them to the compost bin.

Today I cut one of the trial lettuces which are nice and crisp in the heart but very loose hearted as well.  I also emptied one of the blue half drums which had four seed potatoes in it. It was quite a nice yield of about three and half pounds of potatoes.

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