Cheeky Mouse adds insult to injury!

On Monday I found seven strawberries ready to be picked that the mouse must of missed. However on Tuesday the cheeky mouse had found another ripe one and to add insult to injury had dragged it on top of the mouse trap to eat it!!

So if the mouse had found one I decided to search the strawberry patch better and found another 12 strawberries for myself. I also cut another 4 courgettes and gave one away to a friend who called by. I also dug the other row of potatoes and got a slightly better crop than from the the other row I dug a fortnight ago.


Thursday I found another 19 strawberries so I have managed to get some after all this season.

The runner beans have flowers appearing as you might be able to make out in the picture. Also the peas that were planted out the other week from the gutters are growing like mad and started to flower already.

Friday it is starting to get very hot and humid as well and the forecast for the weekend is high humidity as well so I bought a little hand sprayer and when I got home sprayed the tomatoes with bordeaux mixture to be certain they will be safe if blight hits the potatoes.

Saturday I did hardly anything all day except try and stay cool and read a book while watching to see if I could catch Mr Mouse at the strawberries.

Sunday I got a text from blight watch with a warning of potential of blight. I am glad I sprayed the tomatoes now. The day was spent doing lots of little odd jobs. I planted out one of the courgette plants and most of the trial lettuce plants where the two rows of potatoes had been. Potted on the pepper plants and sowed another pot of boltardy beetroot and one of spring onions.


I also had another rummage around the strawberry bed and got another tub full of strawberries. I also cut one lettuce and two more courgettes and pulled some beetroot (first of the year). I also pulled the remaining few spring onions from last year’s late sowing.



On a final note I found a couple of tomatoes have set on the bejbino cherry tomato plant. This variety is well ahead of the other two varieties I sowed so I am looking forward to see how it performs overall.

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