Disease hits the tomatoes for the second year.

Monday morning and I discover the Alicante tomatoes have blossom end rot. After researching on the internet it seems likely adding a little garden lime might help so watered a bit in to the compost in the evening. Had another alert from blight watch in the evening so on Tuesday before going to work I decided to cut the tops off the remaining potatoes. After work I picked a load more tomatoes ( enough to fill a small litre ice cream  tub ) mainly from the Bejbino plants and the Sweet Milton also produced a few.

Wednesday I picked some runner beans for my evening meal.

On Thursday evening I picked some more runner beans and also some tomatoes. However it seems my precaution of removing the potato tops has been in vain as there are signs of blight on the tomatoes. The Sweet Milton seem the worse hit followed by the Alicante and the Bejbino least effected.

Friday morning I decided to cut the trusses off the Bejbino tomatoes and put indoors to see if they will ripen without being destroyed by blight. Last year I tried the same with the Alicante which was the only variety I grew and the blight ruined them without any ripening. I also picked the first of my dwarf french beans along with some carrots.

Saturday the blight has really set in hard so I cut down all the tomatoes after cutting all the remaining trusses off and binning them and left the plants out to dry so they can be burnt in the new incinerator I bought for the purpose on the way home last night.

Sunday I watered the plot and picked some more runner beans and set fire to the tomatoes.

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