End of May and the veggies are growing well.

Not a great deal done this week. Bank Holiday Monday was wet here so had a chill out day as well as catching up on the dreaded housework.

For a change I will post some pictures without to much waffle to go with them.



Caterpillar in the carrot pot and slugs on the rhubarb leaves the battle against pests has begun!


Slugs collected up before going for a walk with Laddie up the hill and far away!


Eventually I have resorted to slug pellets again when I found the slugs have taken to mountaineering and got to the lettuce plants.


Mid week and I sowed a big tub with dwarf french beans eight seeds in total. The variety is the same as I grew last year which is Sunray from D T Brown seeds. Described as An excellent variety for market growers and keen gardeners. The pods are dark green, stringless and excellent for freezing.

By the weekend the weather has turned hot and is forecast to stay that way for a week or so.



The peas in the gutters and the beetroot in the pot on the left and spring onions on the right that I sowed on the seventeenth of May.







The first strawberry nearly ready for breakfast and the last of the spring onions from last year behind which are the four courgette plants.  Oh and a final note I used up the last of my onions I grew last year this week.

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