First courgette ready!

It has been a pretty quiet week this week. Nice weather has kept me watering and feeding the containers and the patch in general. Along with some weeding really makes up most of the week.courgette_ready

On Friday evening I decided that I would pick my first courgette. This is the first time I have grown them and although I did sow a couple last year which did not germinate I am really pleased with their progress this year.

On Saturday afternoon I decided to dig up the row of early potatoes that had given me a scare a few weeks ago of maybe having blight.


Since then they have made little growth and started dying back completely. As you can see from the picture a pretty poor yield for ten plants.

One had been attacked by slugs and one had a couple of scabs on it but no other signs of disease.

I left them out in the sun to dry after washing them but when I came to bring them in about ten of them had disappeared! I really could not believe it until I remembered the picture I had taken and sat here in the evening matching the ones I had with the picture and confirmed my suspicions. Guess I better get a web cam or two setup to keep an eye on the rest of the veggies now.

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