Germination of the first sowings of the year.

As in the last post the first seeds were sown on the 13th of March in the window sill propagator and on the 14th in the cold frame with the soil warming cable.

The first signs of germination was one of the tomatoes on the 16th. On the 18th the first of the whippersnapper tomatoes appeared along with some of the cabbage and lettuces.

Saturday the 20th so far three of the whippersnapper tomatoes have germinated out of the six sown also most of the bejbino and maskotka tomatoes however the trial koralik tomatoes have only managed to produce two out of the six so far. I moved them all from the window sill propagator into the cold frame.


Sunday the 21st of March a couple of the broad beans, a few of the peas and two of the three peppers are showing signs of germination. I also tried to dig over some of the veggie plot to plant the onion sets but still far too wet unfortunately.


Germination so far

The pots on the left have the broad beans in them one just beginning to show second pot down on left.  Top right 9 cells to the left are cabbage the twelve to the right are lettuce.

Middle right 6 cells to the left are Maskotka tomatoes and the nine to the right are Bejbino tomatoes.

Bottom right the 6 cells to the left are the Whippersnapper tomatoes the middle 6 cells are the trial Koralik tomatoes and the three to the left are peppers where you can see the bottom two just poking through.

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