Harvesting the container potatoes

It has been a mixed weather week. A little cooler at last but still warm but with a fair few rain showers mixed in as well.

I picked some more broad beans during the week. On Saturday walking Laddie I found one ripe blackberry on the brambles so will not be long now before they start producing their wild crop again. This is about a week earlier than last year.


Today I decided to see how well the potatoes in the crate had done as they were starting to die back a little.

As you can see from the pictures the outcome of the crop.

They were planted on the 11th of April which is thirteen weeks ago.

I was surprised at how dry the compost was as it rained most of the day yesterday.

Full details of how they were planted can be found in the post here.

The actual yield was 5 1/2 pounds in total from the ten tubers. I did notice two things when harvesting of interest. Firstly the seed tubers were still reasonably hard and intact rather than rotting away and there were signs of more possible tubers that would of increased the yield if they had been left longer.

On a final note some of my tomato plant leaves have gone funny. I just hope it is something minor rather than lose the whole crop for a second year running.

I will let you know more on this in my next update.
I also had some broad beans and pulled some more beetroot.


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