June arrives and the plants start to grow in earnest at last.

Three weeks have passed since my last update from the veggie patch. The weather has been mixed from really hot for days then back to cooler again. However not much rain at all so watering has been a nearly daily event.

I spent most of Saturday (5th June) washing up all the pots and putting away the soil warming cables etc.

pot_washing PICT0136 (2)

The big builders tub has proved a great purchase and has been used to hold compost, move waste and now for washing plant pots and seed trays.


The gooseberries are coming on well and should be ready to make a nice crumble soon. I suppose I should of picked some rhubarb and had a nice crumble before the gooseberries are ready.

UPDATE Sunday I did pick some gooseberries and made a crumble!





The runner beans are starting to twine their way around the canes now. However the broad beans are well behind this year with only a couple of pods forming so far.





The peas are starting to pod up nicely though. Should only be a couple of weeks now before they are ready to be picked and the delicious taste of fresh peas a welcome start to the summer.




The courgettes are moving nicely and the first flowers appearing now.

However they are a good couple of weeks behind this year due to the very cold start to the season.




The first tomatoes are formed already on the Maskotka tomatoes. I was surprised as I was expecting the Whippersnapper tomatoes to be the first ones of the year.





On Sunday I did a final round of seed sowing. I pulled the last of last years carrots from the tub, washed it up and re-sowed with another lot of carrots. Also sowed a pot of beetroot another with spring onions and some peas in a gutter.

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