May arrives and the garden is dryer at last!

Wednesday the 30th of April I notice that the spring onions that I sowed are germinating at last but only the half I used the new seed on. (See details)

The weekend arrived and on Saturday I re-sowed the half of the tub that had the old spring onion seeds in with the fresh seed. I also sowed a few broad bean seeds in the gaps where the previous sowing had not germinated. 

A friend of mine recently gave me a second-hand water butt which he had salvaged when doing some clearance at a friend’s house. So I made enlarged the stand which I had made out of bricks and a concrete slab for the carrot tub to raise it out of reach of the carrot flies. Finally I dug over the piece of the patch that is going to have the runner beans this year digging in the compost I had made during the last year from household scraps.

Sunday I built up the runner bean canes and found I would need sixteen plants to fill the spaces. So I sowed eighteen seeds in 3 1/2” pots. I am using a variety that I had chosen from the seed catalogue called Armstrong. The catalogue of D.T. Brown seeds describes  the runner beans as a High Quality “Enorma” type variety which produces masses of long, stringless pods with an excellent flavour and texture.Has also a good tolerance to disease. It was the stringless description that made me decide to try this variety after nearly choking to death a few years ago on some runner beans.

I also sowed a couple of courgette seeds in pots at the same time and a few lettuce seeds. I also decided  to dig up a couple of the rhubarb crowns I had planted last year as they were coming to nothing leaving two to soldier on. I did plant the removed ones in pots to see if they survive or not.

Also I should report that the first of the potatoes are beginning to appear but strangely it is the second earlies and not the first.

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