More notes from my diary about the Veggie Patch

I noticed the soil warming cable was heating the sand bed in the cold frame a little too much so put it on a timer so it is off during the day. However after a few days I noticed it had cooled down far too much and with another heavy frost pending went to reset the timer for a longer period. However I found that I had put the pin in for the time for it to switch on in the off ring so it had not been on for a couple of days.coldframe

Thursday the 25th of March.

I sowed a tray of celery seeds as I had seen reports they can be poor germinators. Also sowed some Aubergine seeds of two types. Six seeds of Black Beauty and six of Ophelia F1 which are meant to be ideal for growing in containers on the patio. Also sowed another six peppers as well. Finally I sowed 4 cucumber seeds in individual pots.

Saturday the 27th of March.

I decided to pot on the tomato plants into 3 1/2” pots.  Germination has been as follows; Bejbino 9 out of 9, Maskotka 5 out of 6 and the trial Koralik 4 out of 6 sown. I decided that the Whippersnapper were not quite big enough yet to pot on though.

Also I potted on the 9 cabbage plants which again was a 100% germination.

I then planted out the 16 of the broad bean plants that had germinated out of the 18 sown and the 20 of the 40 peas that grew. I then covered them with a fleece cloche bought at a bargain price from Wilkinson’s and sprinkled a few slug pellets around as a deterrent.

Next I planted a double row of onion sets which this year I am trying a different variety from the Sturon I have grown the last two years called Hercules AGM. After planting I also covered these with a fleece cloche to stop them being pulled out by the wood pigeons. Finally for the day I planted 24 cloves of Solent Wight garlic.

Monday the 29th of March.

Three of the four cucumber seeds sown have germinated. The variety I am growing is Bush Champion F1 which is described as a High quality ‘slicing’ variety that gives high yields of crisp bright green fruits which average three to four and half inches long. Has a superb compact bush habit that aids harvesting with the added bonus of being mosaic virus resistant.  There is also signs of the Ophelia aubergines germinating as well.

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