Not much to blog about this week.

Tuesday morning it looks like one tomato plant is trying to break through the soil in the tray on the window sill. Also a few more broad beans have appeared.

Wednesday it was one tomato plant and today it seems like another is trying to break through.

Friday 5 tomatoes have appeared in all. Also checking on the broad beans before work I see one has had the top taken off. It must be a bird I guess so I put some netting around the rest.

Saturday morning and appears one of the tomato seedlings has damped off so I put the try out in the sun for the day as it has suddenly become very warm at last.

Sunday the warmth yesterday has woken the carrot seeds up as they are starting to make an appearance at last. Dug over the piece of the plot again which was reserved for the runner beans adding all the compost I had available.

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