Planting out and Potting On !

The weather has been warm and sunny for most of the week so I have been watering nearly everyday.

Wednesday evening I planted out the runner beans of which eleven out of the fourteen had germinated so I put in three seeds to replace those, One can never get it right I guess as last year I sowed three extra and they all germinated.crate_potatoes

The potatoes in the crate have come on a lot recently so I added another four inches of compost to them which now leaves the possibility of adding another four inches if I think it is worthwhile.

This week I have had spring onions on three occasions with my meals. These spring onions are the remains of last year’s second sowing that have survived in the pot over the winter.  On Friday morning before work I spent an hour weeding the veggie patch.

Saturday arrives and a long weekend with reasonable weather is forecast. For a change it seems there is not much to do in the veggie patch.potting_on_tomatoes In the afternoon after the sun has passed over the hedge I decided it is time to pot on the tomatoes into their final pots.

Firstly I made a mix of half stable manure and half potting compost and placed about three inches of this in the very bottom of the pots.

The rest of the pots will be filled with potting compost with some Reclaim soil conditioner added.


As you can see from the picture the tomatoes have made a good root ball in the four weeks since they were potted up. 

Just to remind you this year I am trying two new varieties to me as well as the Alicante I grew last year. They are both cherry tomatoes and are Sweet Milton and Bejbino.bejbino 

The Bejbino Tomatoes were the first to germinate and were by far the strongest seedlings at the first potting on stage. However the other two varieties have caught up in the last four weeks and now there is not a lot to choose between them although the Sweet Milton are the shortest at this stage.

On Sunday I got the mower out and cut some grass to fill up the compost bins. In the one that had been in use for a while I layered the grass cuttings with shredded paper but did not really have enough, the other bin just got filled with grass cuttings so I guess this will just get wet and smelly as it rots.

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