Pottering around the veggie patch

With the start of June it is now a case of looking forward to some produce from the vegetable patch at last. On Monday I sowed some of the free trial lettuce seeds I had received with my seed order from D T Brown. It is a cos lettuce and is called Gelbus. I know it is late but I also sowed a few pepper seeds in pots to see if I have any better luck with germination now it is warmer.


Tuesday and the first courgette is in flower. I also notice something has been digging in the peas growing in the gutters.

On Wednesday the first of the dwarf french beans has germinated and been destroyed. When I was taking Laddie out for his midnight walk I caught sight of the culprit a mouse! strawberries_mouse


By the weekend I find most of my strawberries detached from the plants in the pots now I reckon this must be down to this mouse. Down to the garden center and get a mouse trap I think is the order of the day. As much as I would like to get mad at this mouse it is a trap that catches them live so I can move it on into the countryside.


Over the weekend I side-shooted the tomatoes and put a first tie to the canes. I  also gave them a feed.


Black fly has just started to appear on the broad beans so removed the tips.




I also topped up the compost in the potatoes growing in the half barrels.

That will be the last top up of the all the potatoes in containers now I think.





I also planted out the peas I had grown in the gutters as you can see from the series of pictures.

I had a bit of a job sliding them into place but all seem to be doing well in the end just hope the mouse does not find them before the trap.




The rest of the weekend I did little odds and sods like washing the used plant pots ready for next year and putting the cloche cover away after a clean up although I will probably put new polythene on it for next season.

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