Quick Mid May update ( mainly pictures )

I bought an Apollo Tomato house from Screwfix to see if I can get a blight free crop this year for a change. It seemed quite a good structure at first but I soon was thinking what happens when it rains with the flat roof construction.

It only took a couple of days to find that out. We had a heavy shower and afterwards it was as suspected sagging under the weight of collected rain water. I solved the problem by putting a piece of 2 x 2 in the centre with the top covered with a piece of cloth which now makes the rain run off.




The three courgette plants are growing nicely. The green sticks have been used to cover them with fleece since planting on into their final pots.






The whippersnapper tomatoes are coming on nicely and threatening to start flowering soon.


The above picture shows how the trial tomato Koralik (front left) is doing compared to Maskotka (front right) . The ones at the back are the bejbino tomatoes which I trialled last year and liked very much.

celery_planted_out Other things I did this weekend was to plant out the celery and lettuce plants and pot on the cauliflowers. I also planted out the peppers into grow bags.

A couple of the runner beans have germinated although a third looks like it is heading to Australia with the roots on the surface.

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