Quick update this week.

Wednesday morning and the signs of both the lettuce and cabbage seeds having germinated welcome my start to the day. By evening a few of have broken completely through as I sit here by candlelight reading seed catalogues as we have yet another power cut.

Saturday is a late awakening day as work has been so busy this week and I feel really drained. It is however another nice sunny day and eventually I drag myself out to the vegetable patch to have a look at progress.potatoes emerging

   I take the cover off the giant cloche and as you can see in the picture the potatoes are starting to emerge.

The strawberry plants also look healthy and I gave them a drink of water.

broadbeans germinating

Also the broad beans have started to appear and single solitary pea as well.

Had a look at the beetroot pot in the shed and no signs of any germination yet but the cabbages and lettuces are doing fine.

Other than pottering around and catching up on household chores there is nothing much else to report.

Sunday and the clocks have gone forward so it will be nice to get home in daylight again from now on. I decide to build a cold frame and head to the workshop and spent a couple of hours there starting on it.

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