Still more rain

After another weekend passed and everything is still far too wet to do anything in the vegetable plot and the forecast for still more rain I have decided to make a giant cloche to try and dry a piece of the plot out.

At work I got the welder to weld me a short piece of 50mm box section on a length of 25mm box at an angle of 45degrees for each end of the cloche. I then got a piece of polythene and fixed it to two lengths of 44mm x 44mm planed timber sandwiching it between thin ply and the timber to stop it tearing out.  I drilled a couple of holes in each to take some rebar to stake it down.

giant_cloche After driving the steels in each end of the row and slipping another piece of 44 x 44 in the 50mm box laid the polythene over and staked it down.

On the left of the cloche is where I sowed the broad beans.

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