The Easter holidays arrive and start with rain!

Good Friday morning I woke early and after taking Laddie for his walk I looked at what I could do first in the garden. I decided to remove a pile of bricks and some fencing timber from the front of my mobile home to make space for another pot stand. I got a reasonable start but then the rain arrived but being April it was only a shower so after a coffee break it had stopped.  I had moved nearly all the timber but under the last piece I discovered a toad. I moved it to a dip under the hedge and placed the timber back over it leaving a gap it could get from.

Then the rain started again in earnest this time so gave up and went shopping instead. Saturday arrives and it is still raining so I headed for the shed and did some more work on making a cold frame.potato_crate Later on it dried up so I finished off the brick stand.  Then I cleaned up an old crate I had got from work and planted it with some potatoes.

I put some broken brick in the bottom then a couple of inches of compost then placed 10 seed potatoes in and covered with another four inches of compost leaving room to earth them up as they grow.

Sunday was a family get together day so nothing was done at home.

Bank holiday Monday arrives and is sunny and warm. I decide to get the rest of the kerbs laid in to finish of the new hard edge for the veggie patch. They took up the bulk of the day.

After finishing the kerbs I washed the pot out that had the carrots in last year and refilled it with compost and sowed some more carrot seed. This year I am trying a different variety which is Amsterdam Forcing 3 – Sprint from D.T. Brown seeds. It is described as A high quality variety that produces uniform cylindrical baby carrots over a long season. Has a superbly sweet flavour and excellent orange colour.

As the germination of the monogerm beetroot has been rather poor ( about 40% it seems) I decided to sow a tub of the variety I used last year called Boltardy but this time sowing a larger spacing.

I also sowed a few chives and parsley seeds in pots but it is probably not going to warm enough to germinate them properly I find after reading advice around the internet.

In the picture above the tall tub has the carrots and the one to the right has the monogerm beetroot two smaller black pots are the ones with the chives and parsley.

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