The tomatoes have germinated!

Got home from work on Tuesday and found the sun had brought several of the tomatoes out of the vermiculite. When I woke up Wednesday morning a couple of the courgettes have also made an appearance.

Made some staging to go between the two brick piers and moved thestaging strawberries in the pots from where they had been under the cloche so the potatoes could get better light and warmth from the sun.

Saturday I went and bought some “Reclaim Soil Conditioner” from the local council. It is composted green waste from the council rubbish collections. This is the final loop in recycling returning the waste to the user I guess!

I also decided to sow a 21 space plug tray with some pea seeds after only getting two plants from the early sowing under the cloche. This is to see if it is the seed that is bad or more likely I suspect the heavy clay soil which dried out at one stage a little too much and got too hard for the seedlings to break through. Also I did a little weeding around the patch.

On Sunday I spent some time on the making of my cold frame as well as the usual weekend chores. I notice a couple of the nasturtiums and the french marigolds have germinated.

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