The vegetable plot makes a come back.

After a couple of years of being unsure if I was going to be required to relocate for work I have made up my mind the vegetable garden will be reinstated this year.

Luckily last summer I had spent some time removing weeds as they grew so with luck it might be not too hard to keep them down this year.

Anyway here we are the 2nd of March and I manage to get some of the plot dug over.

I then ordered some seeds and potatoes.

For potatoes I decided to buy a first early “Swift”, a second early “Charlotte” and for the main crop “Maris Piper”.

As for the seeds I will discuss those as I sow them.

On Tuesday (4th March) my gooseberry bush finally arrived after the order had got lost back in December. I promptly got that planted before work.

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