Time to start on the veggie patch again!

The weather has turned nice after the cold winter and even though it is only February still the urge to get out in the sun and start the new season is strong.

I looked around and thought it is about time to get the raised bed I built last summer into use. I laid some Terram which is like a weed barrier film and placed the raised bed onto it and then filled it with a mixture of general purpose compost and well rotted stable manure.


I then planted it up with the runners and the strawberry plants that were in pots from last year and also a few stray runners that had rooted in the ground.

Please note the picture of the raised bed was taken in April not in February but I thought I would add it into this post to show you.

Whilst I was at the garden center getting the general purpose compost  I bought a few potato tubers and some onion sets.

I dug over some of the veggie patch as well. It is entirely different to last year when it was too wet to dig till nearly April.


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