What has been digging in the strawberry bed?

Bank Holiday Monday was a damp day with showers so I did not do a lot other than plant out four pea plants, that I sowed in a plug tray, in the veggie patch. I will make a separate post about germination at a later date.

Tuesday on my return from work I find that something has dug a hole in the raised strawberry bed so I put a piece of fencing around it to keep the rabbits out.

On Wednesday I find another hole in the same place and after much thought realise it must be a squirrel that is doing it unless my rabbits have learnt how to jump a two foot high fence 🙂

It has been dry this week and though we had that damp day on Monday I have been watering every evening since especially the patch which is drying out quicker than the container vegetables.

The weekend arrives and I decide I must get the last twelve potato tubers in somewhere or through them away. barrel_potatoes

I have a blue plastic barrel that I had been saving to maybe grow carrots in like I had seen in a television program on allotment gardening.

Now the need for room for those potato tubers is greater so out comes the jigsaw and a hole saw and before long two containers with drainage holes on the sides.

crate_potatoes In goes a couple of inches of broken bricks and a couple of inches of compost then four potato tubers and another four inches of compost.

That just leaves four tubers and I squeezed them into the main patch.

I am posting a picture of the potatoes that I planted in a old crate a while back, by the same method, so you can see how they are doing.

Some of the strawberry plants in the pots have started producing runners already so I have cut them off. coldframe2

The other main thing to note for the weekend is I made a cage to keep that dam squirrel out of the strawberry patch. No doubt he will move onto the gooseberries or some other plants.

I notice the runner beans are starting to appear but not sure how many yet.

I finish the weekend off by getting the garden hose out and giving the vegetable patch a good soaking as the water butts are nearly empty now.

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