Whippersnapper Tomato Progress

Last year a kind member from the  Allotments4All website sent me a few Whippersnapper Tomato seeds. Whippersnapper, now a heritage variety, was commercially available until about 15 years ago, produces an abundance of attractive, small, oval, pinkish-red fruit. A very early variety, it is ideal for tubs and hanging baskets.

I sowed 6 seeds into individual cells on the 13th of March and placed them in a heated window sill propagator. (full details in the post here )

The first Whippersnapper plant appeared on the 18th of March and by the 20th 3 had appeared. whippersnapper tomatoes germinating 

Over the next week a couple more appeared giving a total of five plants from the six seeds sown.

Whilst the other tomato varieties I sowed at the same time were potted on into 3 1/2” pots on the 27th of March I decided that the Whippersnappers could wait another week in their cells before being big enough to pot on.

On the 13th of April the other tomato varieties were potted on again into their final pots and placed in my giant cloche which has frost protection.  The whippersnappers however were quite happy in their 3 1/2” pots in the cold frame with the soil warming cable.

Today after checking the likely chance of a heavy frost in the near future as being very low I decided to pot them on into their final growing positions. Three going into a trough I got from Wilkinsons especially for them the other one into a individual pot. (The 5th one I gave to a friend to try on her allotment a week ago.)

whipersnapper removed from pot

Nice root development

Into the pot

On a final note I can just see the first set of flowers or truss developing but my camera was not good enough to show that detail close up.

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