A couple of weeks have passed!

Last weekend I managed to plant two rows of early potatoes and one row of second earlies in the ground that had been covered by the giant cloche which had dried out just enough to dig over. Just finished and it started raining again!

On Wednesday after work I got the other row of second earlies and a row of main crop planted.

On Friday I got the delivery of pots I had bought on line from The Garden Superstore and picked some compost up from Tesco and Homebase on the way home from work.

Saturday was taken up with a family get together for my father’s birthday.

Sunday I built up a brick base with lose bricks and a paving slab on top and on top of that I placed one of my new 43 litre pots (Pot37) and filled it with ordinary compost up to about 5 inches from the top and then filled the rest with John Innes No 1 and sowed half of it with carrots. The variety was Early Nantes Five from D. T. Brown seeds. I hope that with the top of the pot being over three feet from the ground it will stop the carrots being attacked by carrot fly which apparently can not fly that high.

I also decided after seeing my father’s few tomato plants growing on his window sill to sow six seeds myself. The variety was Alicante from Unwins seeds which I picked up in Tesco whilst getting the weekly shop.

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  1. Hmm.. Okay. Got some garden tips there. Nice one. Didn’t expect to learn something new from this A couple of weeks have passed! | DaveyBoi’s Veggie Patch and more article. So, thanks! 😛

    Anyway, speaking of which, I wrote a gardening article myself at my blog here: http://www.growinggardening.com/growing-courgettes-zucchini-summer-squash/. Tell me what you think and comment there. Appreciate it!

    Tina Gail the Gardener 🙂

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