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When I was youngAbout Dave:

I was born in September 1947 ( so you can work out my age ) in Hove which is near Brighton on the south coast of the U.K..

However for most of my childhood I lived in Farnham Common in Buckinghamshire. Since then I have moved around quite a bit but staying mainly in the South East of the U.K.

I went to grammar school and then did a year at college. I then changed direction and went to London Borough Polytechnic and took a course in Bakery and Confectionery.

My working life since has been very mixed and varied from baking to long distance lorry driving and from management and owning my own business to working on a fairground.

My interests are wide and varied but in general I have always had an interest in computers ( thanks to a excellent physics teacher in the early 60’s ) and enjoy gardening. I also have an interest in anything constructive using hand tools for example woodwork to vehicle repairs.