Easter Weekend next weekend.

A busy week at work but I did get some things done during the week. The extra daylight helps to get things done.

On Monday I brought the sack barrow home and dragged the other five kerbs up from the bottom of the site. My order of seeds that I decided to buy on top of the ones I had already bought or got left over arrived along with some seed potatoes which I plan to grow in containers and some cabbage collars as well.

Tuesday morning I got out early before work to sow some tomato seeds in my new plug trays. I sowed 6 seeds of each variety which were the Alicante which I grew last summer from Unwins and which is awarded the RHS merit award. Also  I sowed 6 seeds  of a cherry tomato variety called Sweet Milton which is a F1 Hybrid also from Unwins with RHS award and finally 6 more seeds of a new cherry tomato variety Bejbino F1 from D T Brown which was on a special trial offer.

I also sowed 3 organic pepper seeds in the plug tray to fill it up which were the variety California Wonder. In 4 pots I sowed a courgette seed of the variety Zucchini and in a final pot a few organic aubergine seeds called black Beauty. These were all from D T Brown seeds and also note I have never tried growing these vegetables before.

Wednesday morning and there are signs of germination of the beetroot seeds I sowed a couple of weeks back. At work I came across a big plastic crate on the scrap heap which measures about three foot six by eighteen inches and asked if I could have it as I am thinking I could plant some of the potatoes in it.

Thursday evening I look at the weather forecast and it is not promising for the weekend with April showers forecast except for Bank Holiday Monday so I decided to update the blog with this entry.

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