May arrives and plenty to do in the vegetable patch.

On Monday we had heavy rain most of the day which replenished the water butts nicely as they had been getting a little low with the recent dry spell. On Monday night the sky cleared and when I went out with Laddie at 4am there was a heavy frost on the car. Good thing the cloche is protecting the tomato plants. Tuesday night another slight frost as well.

On Friday my latest purchase of pots arrived along with some cane holders and netting to protect the strawberries when they start to ripen.


On Saturday I dug over the ground where the runner beans are going to be planted this year digging in the remaining compost from the old compost bin. I am not sure what use I can put it to now but I am sure I will recycle it somehow. Any one who has ideas for a bottomless dustbin please add a comment below. I also added half a bag of rotted stable manure as well to where the runner beans will be.  I also earthed up the two rows of early potatoes that were planted under the cloche at the start of the season. I notice that the first potato in the crate is making an appearance. Had to give a good watering to everything as the patch seems very dry again.


I set up the canes to take the runner beans in a wigwam this year, for the first time, using the cane grip which hold seven canes together at the top.

Makes a change from setting them up in a row using string to tie them together. Last year the wind nearly knocked the tradition row over so I had to anchor it to the fence.

Sunday I planted another 44 onion sets which I had nearly forgotten about which now leaves me with a few to put in a pot later in the summer as I did last year. They came in handy for use in salads in the depth of winter. I also planted out into the plot six of the cabbage plants putting their collars on and the remaining two into pots.  Well if the slugs get the ones in the plot at least the ones in the pots might survive! I also potted on the eight lettuce plants into seven inch flower pots where they will stay out of the reach of the slugs with luck.

Otherwise the day consisted of finishing the digging of the new area and weeding and watering and feeding the strawberries in the pots.

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