“Only 10 per cent of the new jobs created in the next ten years will be unskilled” –Gordon Brown


Only 10 per cent of the new jobs created in the next ten years will be unskilled. That means 90% of the jobs of the future come with better chances of decent pay, steady promotion and Long-term prospects.
It means the majority of people having not a job but a career, and the biggest number of middle class jobs in our history.


A very interesting statement from the Prime Minister at the Fabian New Year Conference 2010 recently.

I guess it could be achieved quite easily by redefining skilled and unskilled jobs. In all jobs there is a certain amount of skill involved be it street sweeping or washing floors. However until automation takes over and carries out all these “unskilled” jobs we as a society need people to carry out basic jobs.

My main concern is that the government is saying that nearly everyone should eventually get a university education or technician training which is a nice aspiration. However the reality will be that they will be expecting well paid jobs at the end of their education which will not be there  though because unskilled jobs will still represent a good part of the jobs available.

Gordon Brown goes on to say

“I want to see the talents and potential of all the British people fulfilled: social mobility for the majority.”

I think social mobility is the wrong term! Population mobility is more likely as the country’s biggest export will be skilled labour while the import will be unskilled labour to do the essential unskilled jobs.

We are already seeing the consequences of raising the ambitions of the majority with the bulk of our manufacturing jobs having moved to third world countries.

Extending education to keep the unemployment figures down has a limit to its usefulness and we are already seeing the consequences as graduates hoping for highly paid skilled jobs are in reality serving at petrol station counters, stocking shelves at Poundland and manning the checkouts at Tesco.

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