Seed Sowing and digging

This is so unexpected after last year another fine warm day! Although there have been frosts overnight the whole week has been dry and sunny.

strawberry pots under cloche

I started the time in the vegetable plot by uncovering the cloche and watering the strawberries and the ground in which the potatoes, broad beans and peas were sown the other week as things were beginning to dry out. (There is a row of early potatoes either side of the strawberry pot and a  row of half broad beans and half peas to the right side.) I also watered the raised strawberry bed which had got very dry in the last couple of days.

Next I sowed a few lettuce and cabbage seeds in a couple of 500gram Clover margarine tubs in which I put two holes either side at the bottom with a hot allen key (melted the plastic). 

The lettuce is a variety called Balmoral from Mr. Fothergill’s Seeds. It is described as a modern crisphead resistant to mildew, large dense heads with super crunchy texture and slow to bolt.

The cabbage seeds are Golden Acre/ Primo II also from Mr. Fothergill’s Seeds. A early summer ball-head variety and described as a compact plant ideal for smaller gardens with firm head and very good flavour cooked or in salads.

I then got the soil I had sieved and stored in the shed when I planted the blackcurrant bush and mixed it with an equal quantity of all purpose compost which I decided to try this year instead of using all bought compost and filled a pot to sow the beetroot in.


I then put in a 2 inch layer of John Innes number 2 compost on which to sow the seeds and watered well.

This year I have decided to try a monogerm variety after last year’s slow progress due to not thinning properly. As you can see from the picture the seeds have been placed about 2 inches apart in 25 litre pot which is about 15 inches diameter. Then I put another inch of the John Innes compost to cover them up and a final drop of water to moisten the top before placing in the shed for now till the seedlings appear.

The beetroot variety is Solist from Mr. Fothergill’s Seeds. It is meant to hae a very good flavour and be ideal for baby beet.

I then harvested the rest of the carrots from last year that had remained in the pot all through the winter snows. They like the beetroot would of benefited from heavier thinning or thinner sowing but at least they are nice and sweet and baby size.

The soil in the pot was spread over a piece of the plot which I spent the rest of my time today digging.

last of the carrots

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  3. hey there, i liked reading your post, i just used the websiteSwap my Seeds, as a way of giving away my unused bagonia seeds. Anyone know what I can sell them for? I have maybe 500 seeds left.

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