A visit to Southwater Horticultural Society Spring Show.

Easter Saturday arrived and I decided time to get out and about!

I remembered someone had posted about a spring show nearby so decided to go and have a look around.

Here are some pictures from the show.


A general picture of the display of spring flowers.


Chutney and marmalade entries.


Flower arrangements


Three tulips from society supplied bulbs  a great idea to get more people involved !


Hot Cross Buns, Ginger bread men, Soda bread and cheese scones made up some of the cookery classes.


Some very creative entries from the younger generation were a delight to behold.



Craft work was to a very high standard and I pity the judges having to choose winners.



A beautiful display of spring flowers.


The prize winning all yellow daffodil!


All in all a very enjoyable trip out.

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2 Responses to A visit to Southwater Horticultural Society Spring Show.

  1. Hi

    We have listed Southwater Horticultural Society Spring Show on our website and would like to illustrate it with one of your pictures – http://www.hellohorsham.co.uk/event/Spring-Show. Please let us know if you object and we will immediately take it down.

    Kind regards

    Hugh Griffiths
    Hello Horsham

  2. admin says:

    That is absolutely fine with me thanks for asking

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