Start of another year in the Veggie Patch

It is the end of February and after all the snow this winter there is still no signs of the weather warming up at all.

Now we are into March and the weatherGarland_Trio_Top_Plant_Propagator is still wet and cold and the outlook is not for much change in the near future. I have decided to buy an electric window sill propagator and a soil warming cable to put in the base of the cold frame as I still have not got any further in building the greenhouse.

  I will detail the installation of the soil warming cable into the cold frame in a separate post soon.

Saturday the 13th of March I did the first sowings of the year which was mainly the tomatoes I am planning to 84_Cell_Plug_Traygrow this year. 

I got the scissors out and cut up a multiplug tray to fit into the trays of the window sill propagator.

I then sowed 9 x Bejbino which I had as a trial seed last year from D T Brown seeds and was very impressed with  the results. Next were 6 x Whippersnapper seeds which were sent to me by a friend on Allotments 4 All website. It is one of those varieties that has been around for many years but although commercially available until about 15 years ago it is now classed as a heritage tomato at risk of extinction. A very early variety often the first to ripen and it is ideal for tubs and hanging baskets. It produces an abundance of attractive, small, oval, pinkish-red fruit so I am advised.

Next another 6 seeds of new to me variety called Maskotka which according to the seed catalogue is great for growing in small spaces and ideal for containers. Compact plants producing sweet tasty cherry type tomatoes. A determinate variety requiring no pinching or staking. This variety interested me as it seemed similar to Whippersnapper so will give me something to compare to.

Finally for the tomatoes another 6 seeds of a Trial variety sent with my seed order from D T Brown seeds called Koralik which turns out to be another determinate bush variety also not requiring any pinching or staking.

I had 3 cells left over so sowed 3 pepper seeds of a heritage Romanian variety called Antohi Romanian described as a colourful pimento type sweet pepper which ripens from yellow to red.

Sunday the 14th March I sowed 18 broad bean seeds in 3 1/2” pots and 40 pea seeds in 2” pots. I am hoping that the broad beans will be alright sowing in pots as it is still too wet to sow directly into the veggie plot. Also sowed a few cabbage and lettuce in cells. All of these are now in the cold frame with the soil warming cable.

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