The coming voting system referendum…

Sat relaxing today after the heat got too much for digging in the garden a mention of the forth coming referendum actually got me thinking about this.

At my age I tend to think that the younger generations should decide this as it is their future. Then I think maybe they need the older persons experience to guide them.

However I came to the conclusion that our current system should be retained. The basic question is do you believe in one person one vote? This works well as our current system of electing a government. The Yes to the Alternative Vote system will split hairs and claim that because you order preferences on the the ballot paper it is all one vote this is only true in my mind if you only make one choice.

However if there is going to be any change to this system it has to be complete proportional representation where the one vote gets a fair share of representation.  There are of course drawbacks with this system as well the main one is lack of local representation.

This proposed Alternative Vote system is a mishmash and to my mind changes very little than perhaps the outcome in a few constituencies.

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