The Produce is starting to arrive now.

I missed my weekly update last week mainly because the main activities of sowing and planting out are nearly at an end for this season now. I have again decided against cropping through the winter in order to allow time to try and improve the soil and level the whole vegetable patch out better. At the moment there are sort of steps down to where I added the extra space in spring and now when watering it is mainly running down to the bottom of the patch.

So I will now give a quick run through of the notes in my diary.

Monday the 15th: Picked another courgette and noted three of the peppers I had sown have germinated.

Tuesday the 16th:Had another courgette and gave everything a good watering.


Wednesday the 17th:

Pricked out the trial lettuce seed (which had had nearly 100% germination ) into individual pots.

I do make a note that they are not very strong in the stem.

Also I picked my first crop of gooseberries from the bush I planted a year ago.

Over the weekend I just watered and weeded and picked another courgette.

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