The start of a new year!

As we enter 2011 and thinking about the past year I suddenly turned to thinking about the start of the millennium and the decade that has passed. Well I am a year late in doing this but the cold weather has kept me indoors more this holiday break.

Back in the year 2000 we were using either Windows 98 or ME or maybe Windows 2000. We would of connected to the internet over a dial up modem. CD writers were the latest method of recording on a computer.

Yahoo was the main search engine with sites like Google and PayPal in their infancy and of course Facebook not even a dream.

TV would of been recorded on VHS tape and films rented in the same format.

If you listened to music on the move it would of been on a Walkman cassette player.

So much has changed during the last few years but how much more will have changed in the years ahead? This past year we have seen the introduction of 3D television to the living rooms.

2010 has also seen several big changes to our TV programming with the end of The Bill and Last of the Summer Wine being the most well known shows ending their long running series. A Touch of Frost also came to a final end. Others of a more modern note included Lost and 24. Also the year saw the end of Big Brother on Channel 4 although I suspect that it is likely to appear in a very similar format on another channel in the future.

Coronation Street marked its 50th anniversary in December with a week of special episodes and an explosive tram crash storyline.

Two other things of note were the exit of David Tennant who bowed out of Doctor Who and the Time Lord regenerated into Matt Smith, the youngest Doctor yet at 27 years of age. The other biggest news of the year in entertainment was that of Robbie Williams re-joining Take That.

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