The veggie patch is producing like mad now.

A couple of weeks have past and I will try and bring you up to date with news from the veggie patch.

Monday 20th : A strange day as I have been banned from the main office for a few days due to swine flu being around the workplace. That is good for me as I can not get any more paperwork and projects dumped on me 🙂 When I got home I picked about thirty pea pods for my evening meal. There is something therapeutic about shelling peas I find.  After the meal I decided to deal with the excess of courgettes and made a couple of jars of courgette and ginger jam. This nearly ended in disaster as it started to burn on the bottom but luckily it did not taint it at all.

Wednesday 22nd : I picked the last of the broad beans and a few peas that had appeared on the few early plants that had been over taken by the prolific crop on the gutter sown ones.

Friday 24th : A long weekend break! Friday and Monday off as holiday. Planned to do so much but not in the mood really. I cut the first cabbage and it is massive. I also received some  Whippersnapper tomato seeds from a friendly guy on Allotments 4 All website this is a heritage variety. Whippersnapper was commercially available until about 15 years ago, produces an abundance of attractive, small, oval, pinkish-red fruit. A very early variety, it is ideal for tubs and hanging baskets. I am hoping that next year I will be picking them by now.

Other than watering and a little weeding the rest of the weekend break was filled by shopping and my trip to Worthing and reading for a break from computing.

tomatoes_turning Thursday 30th : The sun has returned and a couple of the Bejbino Tomatoes have started ripening at last.

Looks like I will get some tomatoes this year after all.

The other two varieties are not yet showing signs of turning colour yet though.

Friday 31st : I finally ate the last of the cabbage I cut last Friday. It has been cabbage at least once daily for the whole week. I think coleslaw is the only thing I did not make in the end.

Saturday 1st : Picked the first of the runner beans and some carrots from the tub. Otherwise it was wet again.

Sunday 2nd : Sharpened an old pair of shears I found whilst sorting out the shed and trimmed the grass around the veggie patch. Also trimmed the hedge a little as well. Cut the tops off the potatoes in the blue barrel tubs and cleared the runners off the strawberry bed again.

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