Another year nearly over.

It has been a strange year with the death of my father in February and having to have Laddie put to sleep at the end of July.

Guess the highlight of the year was a camping trip to Cornwall on August Bank Holiday weekend. The first time I have been to Cornwall for a good few years. During the trip I visited Penzance and found that my grandparents house was up for sale.

In the middle of September Laddie’s girlfriend (Bonnie) at work died in her sleep and I buried Laddie’s ashes with her so they are together again.

The veggie patch was again quite productive although I had a late start. The one new thing I grew was two butternut squash plants I got given. They just sat there most of the summer and suddenly sprung into life in early September and eventually produced one squash each.

Dad’s death made me review my future with me reaching retirement age next year. I found a dream house in St. Dennis in Cornwall but was beaten to buying it. I also went and looked at a house on the Isle of Sheppey. I ended up with making an offer on a piece of green belt land near work which was accepted and is currently in the hands of the solicitors.

Just before Christmas my blog got hacked but I think it is all back as it was now.

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